SAYAKA DAVIS clothing is about finding the beauty inside of yourself, evoking your imagination,evolving season to season with you. Dressing up is a conversation with ourselves, a way of expressing feelings that we can’t find words for. Self-nourishment in everyday life.

Focusing on low impact natural and plant based materials, we aim to share the wisdom of nature, the warmth of craftsmanship through clothing.

ETHOS We strive to create a circular loop that balances lives.
We believe that everything is connected; all things have a life.

We deeply appreciate nature’s gifts and carefully make choices with intention, to lower the impact on the environment as much as we can. We are transitioning toward that now, and are committed to continue learning and evolving.

DESIGNS SAYAKA DAVIS was launched in 2013, based in Brooklyn, NY, and designed by Sayaka Tokimoto-Davis who hails from Japan.
SAYAKA DAVIS’ designs are rooted with “yohaku-no-bi”, a fundamental Japanese aesthetic which emphasizes the beauty of open space which evokes imagination. Simplicity and the beauty of imperfection.

MATERIALS Our 21FW collection focuses on natural and plant based fibers (95%) and reduced impact choices whenever possible. It includes recycled man-made fibers and about 1% of the entire collection contains conventional man-made fibers, which we are looking to replace with better choices in future seasons.

The entire 22SS collection is made of GOTS certified organic & GRS certified recycled cotton and linen, hemp, BCI cotton blend and ECOVERO (Lenzing) fibers.

We do not use plastic buttons and instead use corozo, shell, and horn buttons. Zippers and trims are organic or recycled whenever possible.

MAKING Most of our wovens and cut and sew pieces are made in Japan. Carefully crafted with keen attention to the details, we are passionate about making long lasting, quality clothes.

Our knits are made in China and Peru, with skillful professionals who share our vision for well made clothing. And they are committed to keeping ethical standards for workers.

PACKAGING We use recycled and/or biodegradable packaging for our online store.

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