SAYAKA DAVIS is a clothing label based in NYC, launched in 2012. The designer, Sayaka Tokimoto Davis, originally from Japan, creates a harmony of sophistication and excitement. Her central idea comes from Japanese minimalist art, the concept of “spacious beauty”, leaving the blank space rather than filling everything in. This belief is that space defines the object, becoming the subject. Clean, yet modern and unique silhouettes are expressed with a keen attention to detail and beautiful textiles.

Sayaka Tokimoto-Davis was born and raised in Japan. From a very young age, her interest was always fashion. After her graduation from Bunka Fashion college in 2004 and upon graduating, worked as a knitwear designer for a Japanese company. After 5 years of experience in Japan, she moved to New York in 2009. Since then, she has been working as a part of the United Bamboo design team. She launched her own brand, Sayaka Davis, in 2012.